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Hello! Welcome to upathsg – a website carefully curated to address any questions you may have about your university path in Singapore! We hope to provide a one-stop university application information website that is credible and accessible, with information on a wide range of schools and courses. 

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We are Amanda, Rei Yi, Wynne, Claudia, Wei Lin and Chloe – 6 students who recently made our university decisions in May 2020!


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Seniors anonymously share how they made their decisions, with truthful insights to the pros and cons of their course, along with advice and personal stories.

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We hope to make information on Singapore’s universities & courses more accessible so that our juniors can make better informed decisions for their future 🙂

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Allied Health

Diagnostic Radiography (SIT)

Dietetics and Nutrition (SIT)

Occupational Therapy (SIT)

Radiation Therapy (SIT)

Speech and Language Therapy (SIT)

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Medicine (NUS, NTU)

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 Nursing (NUS)

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Dentistry (NUS)

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Pharmacy (NUS)

Pharmaceutical Science (NUS, NTU)

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Arts and Humanities


Chinese (NUS, NTU)

English (NUS, NTU)

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Linguistics and Culture

Chinese/Japanese/Malay/South Asian Studies (NUS)

Linguistics and Multilingual Studies (NTU)

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History (NTU, NUS)

Geography/Environmental Studies in Geography (NUS)

Global Studies (NUS)

Theatre Studies (NUS)

Philosophy (NUS, NTU) 

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Education (Arts/Science) (NTU)

Early Childhood Education (SUSS)

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Music (NUS)

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Social Sciences


Economics (SMU, NUS, NTU)

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Psychology (SMU, NUS, NTU)

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Sociology (SMU, NTU)

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Social Work

Social Work (NUS)

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Political Science

Political Science (SMU, NUS)

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Information Systems/ICT

Information Systems (SMU, NUS)

Information Security (NUS)

Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD) (SUTD)

Information and Communications Technology (Information Security/Software Engineering) (SIT)

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Computer Science

Computer Science (NTU, SMU, NUS)

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Business Analytics

Business Analytics (NUS)

Business Analytics with Minor (SUSS)

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Accountancy (SIT, NTU, SMU, SUSS)

Business Administration (Accountancy) (NUS)

Finance (SUSS)

Quantitative Finance (NUS)

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Business Administration

Business (NTU)

Business Management (SMU)

Business Administration (NUS)

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Air Transport Management (SIT)

Hospitality Business (SIT)

Human Resource Management with Minor (SUSS)

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Law & Policy


Law (NUS, SMU)

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Public Policy and Global Affairs

Public Policy and Global Affairs (NTU)

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Multidiscplinary (PLE, PPE, Computing & Law)

Politics, Law and Economics (SMU)

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (NUS)

Computing & Law (SMU)

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Mathematics & Science


Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (NTU)

Chemistry with Specialisation in Materials/Medicinal Chemistry, Environment and Engineering (NUS)

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Physics/Applied Physics (NTU)

Physics (NUS)

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Life/Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences (NTU)

Computational Biology (NUS)

Environmental Studies in Biology (NUS)

Life Sciences (NUS)

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Data Science and Analytics

Data Science and AI (NTU)

Data Science and Analytics (NUS)

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Mathematical Sciences (NTU)

Applied Mathematics (NUS)

Statistics (NUS)

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Food/Sport Science

Food Science and Technology (NUS)

Sport Science and Management (NTU)

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Design & Environment

Real Estate

Real Estate (NUS)

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Design Art (NTU)

Industrial Design (NUS)

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Architecture (NUS)

Landscape Architecture (NUS)

Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD) (SUTD)

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Communications + Media

Digital Communications and Media (SIT)

Communication Studies (NTU)

Information Engineering and Media (NTU)

Communications and New Media (NUS)

Media Art (NTU)

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Project and Facilities Management

Project and Facilities Management (NUS)

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Environmental Science

Environmental Earth Systems Science (NTU)

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Biochemical/Materials Engineering

Pharmaceutical Engineering (SIT)

Bioengineering (NTU)

Biomedical Engineering (NUS)

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (NTU)

Chemical Engineering (NUS)

Materials Engineering (NTU)

Material Science & Engineering (NUS)

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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering (NUS, NTU)

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Civil/Environmental Engineering

Civil Engineering (NUS, NTU)

Environmental Engineering (NUS, NTU)


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Air, Land and Sea

Aircraft Systems Engineering (SIT)

Aerospace Engineering (NTU)

Maritime Studies (NTU)

Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Building Services/Land) (SIT)

Telematics (Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineering) (SIT)

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Computer/Electrical Engineering

Computer Engineering (NUS, NTU)

Electrical Engineering (NUS)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (NTU)

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Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP)

Engineering Science (NUS)

Engineering Product Development (EPD) (SUTD)

Engineering Systems and Design (ESD) (SUTD)

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The articles are long, but that's what I like. I don't think you can find interviews on uni courses this detailed anywhere else!

Anon, Incoming Medical Student

I think my own interview was actually a pretty good overview 🙂 Was so surprised that it turned out so well!

Anon, Mechanical Engineering Student

Ngl this website is really helpful - the answers are real and not 'PC cuz they're anon. Keep up the good work!

Anon, JC2 Student

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

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